It’s no accident that one of the most sought-after colours is green, in all its shades, combined with natural wood.

Let’s see how you can bring nature into your home, with a few tips.


Wood can be considered the king of natural materials.

Nothing surpasses in elegance and comfort a parquet floor made of oak, iroko, teak or wenge, to name the most popular ones. Until recently, covering floors with wood was an expensive choice, but today it’s possible to find on the market high-quality pre-finished parquet flooring, certainly cheaper than solid wood and easier to lay.

Wood is also very much in vogue at the moment in the furniture and furnishing sector. Many companies offer, this season, furniture in rough solid wood, new or recycled, which is perfect for creating a rustic or industrial style.

This year, wood is also predominant among accessories: occasional tables made from tree trunks, objects made with polished twigs, lamp stands and other furnishing accessories in rough wood.

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Natural stone

One of the natural materials you can’t overlook is stone, to be used above all in combination with wood. Natural stone is a tough versatile material: depending on how it is worked, it can be used for floors, facings, stairs, but also to make kitchen tops, tables, washbasins, sinks and bathtubs. In fact, it would seem that natural stone can be used for interiors in an infinite number of ways. The recommended types of stone are marble, granite, travertine, quartz and slate.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are essential in a natural-style home. Besides helping, in some cases, to clean the air, house plants are very decorative. The species that adapt most readily to interiors are tropical plants, such as Pothos (Devil’s ivy), Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle-leaf fig), Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss-cheese plant), Kenzia (Howea), and succulents, like Agave, Sansevieria (Snake plant) or the Christmas Cactus, which flowers in spectacular fashion in the winter.

To achieve a perfect setting, place the plants in pretty cache-pots and arrange them in small groups in the brightest corners of your home, but away from draughts and direct sunlight.


Fabrics play a very important role in interior decoration: the colour, the weave, the patterns of items like curtains, cushions, bed linen, as well as armchair and sofa covers, help define the character of a room. For a house in a natural style, natural fabrics which have not been treated by chemical bleaching are favoured. Linen, cotton, silk, wool, hemp, if left in a natural state, have shades going from straw yellow to beige, from black to brown, and they are perfect for creating a tone-on-tone room, in combination with wood, stone or plant fibres.

Here also are some great trend-setting fabric products this season : ethnic rugs in hand-made wool, “stone-washed” bed linen and macramé decorations to hang on the walls.