That’s it, it’s decided, your dog or cat is on their way. Here is all you need to know to make welcoming the new member of your family a success!


When your pet arrives at their new home, this will be a very happy moment for you but a very big change for them. If you bring a kitten or puppy home, bear in mind that your pet has probably just been separated from its mother and siblings. They are arriving in a new, unfamiliar environment and this may cause anxiety. To help them feel settled with you, it is a good idea to have considered their comfort beforehand. And this requires a certain amount of planning!


Your pet should have a corner just for them.

The priority is to give your pet somewhere that is just for them: a basket, a cushion, a bed… it can be anywhere, provided that your cat or dog has a place to sleep where they feel at home. This is where they will sleep and rest and where they can be alone when they want some peace and quiet.

“The location of this sleeping basket must be well-chosen: it must not be in a passageway but in a quiet area”, says dog instructor Julie Antremont.


A meal area

On arrival, your pet is likely to be thirsty or hungry. You should permanently provide a bowl of water and a mess tin with food (you can split their meals or make their food available as required). Food can also be contained in a food container.

You should also have some treats to hand, which you can use as rewards. For the storage of the latter, you may opt for a snack box.


Toys and accessories

Some accessories are essential: a brush, a collar or harness and toys… they’re a must! To prevent your home from becoming untidy, you can store all of your pet’s things in a box!


A place where they can do their business

Breeders sometime recommend a training mat where your dog can do their business while they become toilet-trained.

For cats, a litter tray is essential: you must have one even before your cat arrives.


A pet carrier

Think practically: “when you need to take your pet somewhere with you (not necessarily to the vet), it is important to be able to transport them safely. The pet carrier is very useful, recommends Ms Antremont.


Don’t forget that once you have the right kit, daily life for you and your pet will be easy. You can then go out and spend many long and happy years together!