The essentials

  • A mirror (in which everyone can see themselves, full-length if possible).
  • Somewhere to sit down (chair, stool or bench, according to the size of the entrance).
  • Somewhere to hang jackets and coats (ensure that the hooks are large enough so that coats hold well and put some at kid’s height).
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décoration pour une entrée:


False Good Ideas

  • The traditional hat stand. Very nice in the neighbourhood bistro, it complicates life for kids and risks falling when overloaded, namely all the time.
  • Metal hangers in the cupboard. Given away by the dry cleaner, they tangle, scratch clothes and become distorted under the weight of coats.
  • A small table or even console: practical, for sure. But it soon turns into the family dumping ground, everyone leaving empty cake boxes, letters, keys, mobile phones…


What would be better to find in an entrance

  • A small bin for junk mail, chewing gum, train or car-park tickets…
  • A shelf installed over the door to put shoes and accessories out of season, without visually cluttering the space. Or some of the folders of archives that every household needs. Or, why not, appliances that are little used (a raclette grill, for example)?
  • A shoe tray for your wet and dirty boots or shoes to help save the floor from clutter and stains.

Optimise the organisation of the entrance cupboard

A standard cupboard measures about 60 cm in depth, which is perfect for hanging clothes. However, this depth can quickly become a problem because we can scarcely see what is at the back, above or below the rail.


How to make the most of this great depth if there is no drawer?

  • Under the hanging clothes, place a box on wheels (Textile box with wheels). You can put shoes in it, whatever the shape (boots, ankle boots…). And then slide it away.
  • You can bring the shelves closer together. By reducing the height of the shelves as tightly as possible compared with what you want to store, you can avoid wasting height. Like this you can gain up to twice the storage space. It’s worth thinking about.
  • You can organise the contents of the shelves according to how often they are used: the most-used items are placed between knee- and shoulder-height. No point therefore in cluttering up this precious space with objects that are used seasonally. For example, if there are girls in the house, you can store hairbrush, elastics and scrunchies in a little pink box like Infinity, at a practical height, because in many families hair styling often takes place in the entrance. But picnic equipment should be stocked at the top, in a transparent box.
  • To better identify the contents of the top shelf, stick labels made with a labeller on the edge of the shelf. Like this everyone knows where to find the duvets or the spare bulbs.
  • Finally, you can fit the insides of the cupboard doors with hooks: umbrellas, rackets in their cases, dog leads, keys… With “special” hooks, you can also store shoes or household equipment, according to need.