For this new year, certain major trends that already appeared in 2016 will step up to become real guidelines for the decoration of our interiors.  Whether it concerns colours, materials or even a style itself, the trends are there to inspire and guide us in our choices. Careful however to use them with subtlety, to avoid falling into the “too-much” trap.

Discover these leads now, which you can appropriate without any difficulty.


The Urban jungle trend

This year once again, our interiors are decked out in greenery to bring a certain touch of freshness. This means going round our favourite garden centres and choosing several types of plants suited to our way of life (cacti, succulents, green plants, blooming plants, small trees…)

On the decoration side, we will be thinking of playing on the use of different plant-pot holders: the more traditional can choose plain planters in black or white, or simply terracotta. As for the more daring, they can amuse themselves by converting everyday objects, like a bin or a basket for example.

The principle is to indulge yourself, because it is a really attractive way to bring out the best in your green plants.

A little trick is to choose planters of a similar diameter, so that you can swap them around at will!


In 2017, we will also be thinking of hanging our green plants thanks to ingenious suspensions.

It’s a very simple idea, but changes everything! It offers a very airy feel while adorning the vertical lines of our interiors.


The Bohemian look 

You want a warm feel but without going over the top?  Think of playing on the materials. For that, the bohemian style is full of great ideas: we will be trying to choose natural materials like wicker, rattan or wool. But you can also opt for materials that are easier to maintain, but which are in the arts and crafts tradition, like for example the Knit range from Curver, which brings back knitted textiles for a very authentic feel.

For furniture, this new year sees a big comeback for velvet sofas. They offer a cosy, slightly retro look, and we love that too!


Soft colours or bold colours?

This is THE drastic choice… The question that everyone is asking for the new wall paint but also for the choice of decorative accessories.

Whether you choose to play on soft shades (also called “nude”) or on the other hand on stronger colours, the trick is to make them your own!

The important Nordic trend points us towards white enlivened with a few touches of pastel colours.


Colourists are also offering very nice ranges of deeper shades, such as peacock blue, warm grey, or even greyish green.

Though daunting at first sight, in fact these colours marry very easily. With the following rule, it is very easy: the use of white lights the space; a touch of black highlights a detail or a small corner; and a few wooden features warm everything up.

WEB_Storage_Knit gamme complète-2

Now that you know everything about this year’s new trends, a final piece of advice: have fun!

Your interior should resemble you and reflect your tastes and personality. Don’t make it like an aseptic catalogue in which you won’t feel good. Above all, take the time to make the right choices, to find the pieces and the colours that suit you.