Winter wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate your home. Dried flowers are the perfect idea to create a wreath that will last very long! You can make a dried flowers wreath at the beginning of every new season. Together we are going to see how to make a very original winter wreath using a bike wheel!


  • Old bike wheel
  • Dried flowers
  • Greeneries
  • Florist wire
  • Garden shear
  • Pliers

Choose flowers by colors to create a great mix and some greeneries as your base. I used some eucalyptus branches to add some fragrance to the wreath, you can also use rosemary, fir, myrtle…
Cut flowers and greeneries and prepare some pieces of florist wire about 10 cm long.

Create mini bunches of greeneries and flowers. Start to lay the greenery bunches around your bike wheel. Pull the wire tightly when securing using pliers.
You have to choose if you want to cover your bike wheel entirely or partially. I’ve done it partially because I like that the wheel remains immediately recognizable.

Work in layers, greenery first and then add flowers. Balance your composition with colors and shapes of flowers. Asymmetric composition will add a nice and original touch to your DIY wreath.

Give the right balance and final touch to your wreath adding single flowers where needed to fill every gap and holes.
Cut all the stems of the flowers and the greeneries that you can notice coming out from the wreath’ shape.

Your bike wheel wreath made with dried flowers is ready to be hung!