Hi! Rachel from The Crafted Life here with an easy way to bring a bit of color into your home! Why settle on just one shade of blue with you can have multiple?! This DIY Ombre Lamp is the perfect way to expand the color palette of any room and it only takes a few simple steps. Here’s how:


  • Lamp
  • Tape
  • Spray paint in 4-5 shades
  • Primer (optional)
  • Tarp

1. Tape off any section of the lamp you don’t want to paint (the cord, metallic details, etc). You’ll also want to avoid painting the inside of the lamp bell as it will change the color the light gives off.


2. Working in a well ventilated area outside is best, spread out your tarp for painting. If your lamp isn’t white to begin with, you’ll want to apply a coat of primer before beginning.

3. Start at the base of your lamp with the darkest color. Spray with a long sweeping motion for even application. Work your way up the lamp, getting lighter and lighter with each color and new section (essentially you are working from the darkest to the lightest shade). Don’t worry about making it perfect as the colors should blend in with one another, and a bit of overspray is perfect so that you avoid having harsh lines.

4. Once you’re done painting, remove the tape and let dry!