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The 6 rules for tidying that lasts over time

Maybe you have noticed that some of your attempts at tidying up seem destined to fail. It works for a day or two, then progressively the mess returns. Discouraging. Don’t let it get the better of you:  The 6 rules for tidying that I suggest can be applied to papers and to clothes, not forgetting […]

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New trends in interior design for 2017

For this new year, certain major trends that already appeared in 2016 will step up to become real guidelines for the decoration of our interiors.  Whether it concerns colours, materials or even a style itself, the trends are there to inspire and guide us in our choices. Careful however to use them with subtlety, to […]

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Each to their own Curver!

Are you girly, a fashionista, mad on travel or a bit of a handyman? Curver has creations to match your own individual style, needs and desires. Discover the product range to suit you!   1 | The sophisticated urbanite Always at the forefront of fashion, you’re a refined urbanite through and through. A real fashionista […]

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