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I consider that your filing system is up-to-date if you are able to find any document in less than 50 seconds. Seem impossible? This is because you are lacking a few tips and tricks. Here they are   What you need You will need 3 letter trays a notebook or a task manager on your […]

Which foods should I avoid giving my cats and dogs?

Sometimes we think it’s a good idea to give our pets food that we ourselves like. We think it’s sure to make them happy… but some foods are not without their dangers! Milk and dairy products Contrary to what is often thought, cow’s milk can’t be digested by cats or by weaned dogs. Giving it […]


Do you have a large family that enjoys sports, DIY, restoring antiques, gardening… but don’t know where to store the equipment needed for these activities? In the basement or garage, of course. But how can you make sure you will be able to find what you need quickly and make the most of the space […]


Is sleeping with your pet a good idea?

Bathing your pet: a good idea or not? And how can you do it?

Dog bedding: how to choose it and where to put it?

Fantastic plastic!

How to tidy your wardrobe

Yoghurt with Homemade Granola and Homemade Strawberry Jam

You may often have to have breakfast out and be stuck for ideas as to what to take. My suggestion for today is a very complete breakfast you can easily prepare at home: yoghurt with homemade granola and homemade strawberry jam. It is a very simple breakfast which is ideal for packing in a Lunch&Go […]

How to be fair with your dog

The notion of fairness doesn’t exist in the canine world. It’s a human construct. For the dog, relations are defined in terms of well-being, felt partly in the presence of others (humans or animals) and partly with respect to the environment. But as masters, how do we know if we are “fair” with our dog? […]

Homemade Vanilla Marshmallows

The 6 rules for tidying that lasts over time

I’m travelling with my pet: what to pack in its suitcase?

How to entertain an indoor cat?

Chocolate chip cookies

Warm potato and bacon salad