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2017 catalog
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More than just laundry hampers or baskets, this Premium STYLE laundry range will enhance your room thanks to its deep textured elegant rattan styled look.

Easy to clean, comfortable ergonomic handles and the deep open weave design makes these fully ventilated, ensuring great air circulation.

The range is composed of 3 sizes of laundry hampers (40L, 60L, round 48L) and 1 laundry basket (45L), comes in a choice of colours, just choose the colour and size required for holding your whole families laundry until wash day.

Style hamper
Style hamper


Simple, elegant and stylish, My Style will find its place in your bedroom, bathroom or laundry room.

Composed of a 55L laundry hamper and a 47L laundry basket, the range can be completed with our smaller baskets of the same design, to store your pegs or laundry products in, keeping your room perfectly organized.

Both products are easy to clean with good ventilation and thanks to their comfortable ergonomic handles, also easy to carry.


Composed of a 49L laundry hamper and a 45L laundry basket, these are available in several colours, Ribbon is perfect for keeping your laundry nicely organized in your home.

Slim in shape, this striking 49L hamper will squeeze into a narrow space but still holds a substantial laundry load. With a unique deep textured Ribbon effect on the outside, with a smooth finish inside ensures a ‘no snag’ risk to clothes. Thanks to an integrated hook, the lid can easily hang on the side.

Style hamper
Style hamper


With Victor, Curver offers a complete and affordable line of laundry products. The simple classic design of both hampers (40L & 60L) and the 50L basket will fit most bathrooms.

Thanks to the holes designed all around the product, your laundry will be well ventilated.

With an easy lift lid and comfortable carrying handles, Victor is the perfect practical line for daily use.


A perfect multipurpose box to neatly keep your laundry washing powder or all your laundry small items (pegs, washing balls…) in one place.

– All purpose storage

– Secure lid closure

– Easy to carry

Style hamper