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SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


SMART To Go is composed of a wide range of handy boxes and accessories for your lunchtime needs.

100% Hermetic & 100% Hygienic thanks to the combination of an integrated seal on the lid and 2 or 4 latches, each shape can be carried safely on the go.

The range is divided with snack boxes, lunch boxes with cutlery, full lunch kits with sauce cups and separation trays and some accessories (cutlery sets, cup sets, etc).

Each shapes are available in 3 colors and different capacities.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Conceived and designed to defrost, re-heat or steam, Smart Microwave is the ideal range to prepare meals at home.

Handy and very efficient, each shape is designed for a specific usage: mugs for soup or noodles, low base containers to reheat leftovers, containers with colander to defrost or steam.

Thanks to the inside colander, preparing a healthy diner is simple and quick! Just pour water into the base, add the colander filled with food, close the lid with open valve on top, microwave for few minutes and diner is ready (a cooking chart is available in all products).

Available in 11 shapes

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


100% Hermetic & Hygienic, Smart Fresh is Curver’s new generation of food keeper with latches.

Designed to preserve fresh food in the fridge, they are highly transparent to identify the contents in a blink of an eye. Latches have been especially engineered for secure closing and a nice and smooth opening. Easy to handle, they are stackable for optimum fridge organisation.

Available in 7 shapes and 4 sets.


SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Easy to use, light and efficient, Fresh and go is the widest line of CURVER food keepers. They are perfect for preserving all your leftovers or just simply storing items of food.

Composed of 12 shapes and 8 sets, they have an attractive look with a glossy lid.

Easy to store they are stackable once they are full and nestable when empty.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Grand Chef is one of Curver’s Premium food keeper lines, a “must” for long – term food preservation. Available in various sizes and shapes (rectangular, square, round), the range offers a large versatility of usage: for fresh food, leftovers, soup, liquid and frozen food!

The supple coloured rim guaranties the food keeper air-tightness and an easy open/closing system.

For more than 15 years, Grand Chef has been Curver’s best selling range,  and is recommended by Sun since the launch of their “all in 1” range.



Deco Chef is Curver’s first generation of decorated food keepers. All the 4 shapes are available with decoration on the lid or on the body. Nice and trendy, this range is perfect for storing but can also be placed onto the family dinner table.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Deco Chef To Go is ideal for lunch outside the house!

Light and thin, the decorated lunch box is easy to carry. Very practical, the ergonomic spoon, knife and fork are designed to be assembled together and fixed onto the lids, so they are always at hand.


Lunch and go has been designed to carry food from home to the office or school. 7 specific shapes have been developed: a cup to go for snacks, fresh fruits, yoghurt, etc. a bottle to go for liquid and soup and 3 food containers: a bento box composed of a dry compartment on the top, cutlery and an inside food separator and pasta box or a salad box.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


The 3 shapes of Grand Chef Cube are especially designed for dry food storage. Crystal clear bodies to identify the content in a blink of an eye, they are perfectly stackable. The square bases are optimum for organizing of your cupboard / worktops.

Easy to use thanks to the opening handle on the lid, the shape is also designed for an easy pouring; perfect to store cereals, pasta, rice, but also biscuits, sweets, tea bags or coffee capsules..

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Dry Cube is a new generation of Curver Dry food keepers.

Especially designed for dry food storage, the crystal clear bodies and lids allows you to quickly identify the contents on your shelves or in cupboards.

Thanks to their square shape design, they are perfectly stackable and optimum for organizing your kitchen.

Easy to use, they are designed for easy pouring on all 4 corners. Ideal to store cereals, pasta, rice, but also biscuits, sweets, tea bags or coffee beans.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Practical and easy to use, Take Away is an affordable solution for outdoor meals.

Sold in set of 4 or 5 food containers, they are nestable for an easy storage and stackable to optimize space saving in the fridge or cupboard.


Specially engineered for extreme temperature, Deepfreeze range is ideal to store food in the freezer. They are stackable to optimize freezer organization and can be used in the microwave for defrosting or reheating food.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Aroma fresh premium is Curver first generation of clip food keepers. Thanks to a smart combination of 4 clips and an inside silicone seal, the 13 shapes are 100% hygienic, 100% airtight and leak proof.

Practical and easy to stack, the range is designed to freeze, store or reheat food. The base is graduated and the wavy bottom allows food to defrost without melting in water.

Aroma fresh premium food keepers can be used from freezer to microwave without removing the lid, thanks to the automatic valve system. Just undo the clips and pop in the microwave.


Flexi Chef is designed for long term food preservation. Lids are flexible, easy to use and airtight. The 8 shapes can be stored in the fridge and freezer and used in the microwave with the lid opened.

Perfect to store fresh food (vegetables, meat, fish, leftovers or baby food).

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Chef@Home is a quality line of kitchen accessories: bowls, colanders, measuring jugs, etc.

It also includes a large range of Cake Boxes to store and transport all kinds of pastry: tarts, cakes, cupcakes & muffins, etc.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)


Essentials is a line of affordable and easy to use kitchen accessories.  The range is composed of 2 different size mixing bowls, 2 different size colanders, squeezer / juicer, measuring jug and a tray.

SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)
SMART To Go (Lunch Kit)